An example of Netlify Lambda Functions that interact with a Shortcuts widget on iOS (or any other automation programming)
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Netlify Function and Build

This repository is the cleaned version of a Netlify function and build process that accepts a request from an iOS Shortcut and processes it via a netlify form to create a list of status updates from data in a static site generator.

You can view a completed version at

You can read the blog post here


  • Currently set up to deploy to Netlify
  • Needs 3 environment variables:
    • STATUS_FORM_ID (form ID from netlify; navigate to the form in Netlify and grab the last piece of the URL)
    • POST_FORM (form action: any page on the site where the form exists; this should be a full URL including protocol)
    • FORM_NAME (the name of the form in your form-stub; by default this is netlify-shortcut-demo)
    • API_AUTH (your netlify api auth key)
  • Imgur account (for iOS shortcut integration and photo uploading)
  • Static Site Generator that can accept a JSON file (Jekyll uses _data/data.json)


  1. Clone/fork the repo and publish to Netlify (or click the one-click button below... thanks Phil!) Deploy to Netlify
  2. Create Environment Variables listed above
  3. Set up a "Deploy Hook" to rebuild the site and deploy
  4. Add a "Notification" to the form to trigger the deploy hook created in 2
  5. Manually trigger a build to populate your environment variables into your Lambda Function
  6. Submit a query to <site-url>/.netlify/functions/update-status/?doing=<your status>&imgUrl=<img url>

This is mostly meant as a proof of concept and to be extended in other ways. Feel free to fork and use it for all sorts of crazy dynamically static stuff!