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from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
from gamera.core import *
from gamera.plugin import *
class SpanLister(HTMLParser):
def __init__(self, id_strings):
self.id_strings = id_strings
def reset(self):
self.spans = []
def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
foo = [v for k, v in attrs if k=='class']
bar = [j for i, j in attrs if i=='title']
if foo:
if foo[0] in self.id_strings:
def generateCCsFromHocr(parser,image):
from gamera.core import Point, Cc, Rect
extended_segs = []
for span in parser.spans:
## print "line_span found:", span
boxes = span.split(';')[0].split()
point1 = Point(int(boxes[1]),int(boxes[2]))
point2 = Point(int(boxes[3]),int(boxes[4]))
extended_segs.append(Rect(point1, point2))
except RuntimeError as e:
#TODO we should do something here
print e
print "failed to make Cc from Hocr box: "
print boxes
page = image.image_copy()
ccs = page.cc_analysis()
#The following copied from bbox_merging. Simply making Ccs with
#the appropriate dimensions does not seem to work, but did in a
#previous version...
#extended_segs are the line bboxes; ccs are the glyphs
#found by page analysis
# build new merged CCs
tmplist = ccs[:]
dellist = []
seg_ccs = []
seg_cc = []
if(len(extended_segs) > 0):
label = 1
for seg in extended_segs:
label += 1
# print "new line!"
for cc in tmplist:
#changed in this revision; the divisor used to be seg.height, that is, the line's height
#avoid divbyzero error
if cc.height > 0:
descender = (float(cc.lr_y - seg.lr_y) / float(cc.height))
descender = float(0)
# print "desc: ", str(descender), " downness: ", str(downness), " ccheight: ", str(cc.height)
#for more closed texts:
#this matches if:
# 1. the character's bottom is above the lines, or;
# 2. if the character is higher than half the line height
# AND the portion of the character that goes below the line is less
# than 20% of its total height.
#if(seg.intersects(cc) and ((cc.lr_y < seg.lr_y) or ((float(cc.height) > float(seg.height)/2.0) and (descender < 0.2) )):
#for more open texts:
#if(seg.intersects(cc) and ((cc.lr_y < seg.lr_y) or (descender < 0.4)) ):
# mark original image with segment label
#new, experimental universal solution:
#This matches if:
#1. the character's bottom is above the line, or;
#2. The character's bottom is below the line, and the amount of the character that is below the line is less than 40% of its height
if (seg.intersects(cc) and ((cc.lr_y <= seg.lr_y) or ((cc.lr_y > seg.lr_y) and (descender < 0.3)))):
# print "\tpassed"
image.highlight(cc, label)
if len(seg_cc) == 0:
#try to output, rather than ignore, empty line
#this should make alignment easier, but is it wise?
seg_rect = seg
seg_rect = seg_cc[0].union_rects(seg_cc)
#TODO fix these errors, caused by new_seg being beyond the bounds of the image, I believe
#They seem to appear with tesseract hocr output
new_seg = Cc(image, label, seg_rect.ul,
except RuntimeError as e:
print "HOCR ERROR -- failed to append segment"
print e
seg_cc = []
for item in dellist:
dellist = []
return seg_ccs