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Upgrade notes

This upgrade is backwards compatible with previous v2 releases, but when using
geolocation-support, you must also upgrade LoRa Server to v2.2.0+.



This release adds geolocation support.

  • Configuration of fine-timestamp decryption keys (e.g. for the Kerlink iBTS).
  • .../location MQTT topics on which device locations are published.
  • Location notification endpoint for HTTP integration.
  • Per device reference altitude (for more accurate geolocation).


  • Replace garyburd/redigo/redis with gomodule/redigo/redis.


  • Status notification endpoint was missing for HTTP integration.
  • Fix /api endpoint redirecting to web-interface (this might require a clear cache).

Pre-compiled binaries are available at: https://www.loraserver.io/lora-app-server/overview/downloads/.