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Google Cloud Platform integration

LoRa Server is now able to integrate with Cloud Pub/Sub for gateway communication (as an alternative to MQTT). Together with the latest LoRa Gateway Bridge version (v2.6.0), this makes it possible to let LoRa gateways connect with the Cloud IoT Core service and let LoRa Server communicate with Cloud IoT Core using Cloud Pub/Sub.

RX window selection

It is now possible to select which RX window to use for downlink. The default option is RX1, falling back on RX2 in case of a scheduling error. Refer to Configuration documentation for more information.


Battery status

LoRa Server now sends the battery-level as a percentage to the application-server. The battery field (0...255) will be removed in the next major release.

Downlink scheduler configuration

The downlink scheduler parameters are now configurable. Refer to Configuration documentation for more information. #355.

Pre-compiled binaries are available at: