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NGINX server with rtmp module for HLS live streaming
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NGINX RTMP Dockerfile

This Dockerfile installs NGINX configured with nginx-rtmp-module, ffmpeg and some default settings for HLS live streaming.

Note: in the current state, this is just an experimental project to play with RTMP and HLS.

How to use

  1. Build and run the container (docker build -t nginx_rtmp . & docker run -p 1935:1935 -p 8080:80 --rm nginx_rtmp).

  2. Stream your live content to rtmp://localhost:1935/encoder/stream_name where stream_name is the name of your stream.

  3. In Safari, VLC or any HLS compatible browser / player, open http://localhost:8080/hls/stream_name.m3u8. Note that the first time, it might take a few (10-15) seconds before the stream works. This is because when you start streaming to the server, it needs to generate the first segments and the related playlists.


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