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Brocade Openstack Quantum Plugin

Openstack Brocade Quantum Plugin implements the Quantum v2.0 API.

This plugin is meant to orchestrate Brocade VCS switches running NOS, examples of these are:

  1. VDX 67xx series of switches
  2. VDX 87xx series of switches

Brocade Quantum plugin implements the Quantum v2.0 API. It uses NETCONF at the backend to configure the Brocade switch.

         +------------+        +------------+          +-------------+
         |            |        |            |          |             |
         |            |        |            |          |   Brocade   |
         | Openstack  |  v2.0  |  Brocade   |  NETCONF |  VCS Switch |
         | Quantum    +--------+  Quantum   +----------+             |
         |            |        |  Plugin    |          |  VDX 67xx   |
         |            |        |            |          |  VDX 87xx   |
         |            |        |            |          |             |
         |            |        |            |          |             |
         +------------+        +------------+          +-------------+

Directory Structure

Normally you will have your Openstack directory structure as follows:


Within this structure, Brocade plugin resides at:



This plugin requires installation of the python netconf client (ncclient) library:

ncclient v0.3.1 - Python library for NETCONF clients available at

% git clone % cd ncclient; sudo python ./ install


  1. Specify to Quantum that you will be using the Brocade Plugin - this is done by setting the parameter core_plugin in Quantum:

     core_plugin = quantum.plugins.brocade.QuantumPlugin.BrocadePluginV2
  2. Physical switch configuration parameters and Brocade specific database configuration is specified in the configuration file specified in the brocade.ini files:

     % cat /etc/quantum/plugins/brocade/brocade.ini
     username = admin
     password = password
     address  = <switch mgmt ip address>
     ostype   = NOS
     sql_connection = mysql://root:pass@localhost/brocade_quantum?charset=utf8
     (please see list of more configuration parameters in the brocade.ini file)


Running with appropriate permissions will copy the default configuration file to /etc/quantum/plugins/brocade/brocade.ini. This file MUST be edited to suit your setup/environment.

  % cd /opt/stack/quantum/quantum/plugins/brocade
  % python


Please see special notes for devstack at:

In order to use Brocade Quantum Plugin, add the following lines in localrc, if localrc file doe not exist create one:

ENABLED_SERVICES=g-api,g-reg,key,n-api,n-crt,n-obj,n-cpu,n-net,n-cond,cinder,c-sch,c-api,c-vol,n-sch,n-novnc,n-xvnc,n-cauth,horizon,rabbit,quantum,q-svc,q-agt Q_PLUGIN=brocade

As part of running devstack/, the configuration files is copied as:

% cp /opt/stack/quantum/etc/quantum/plugins/brocade/brocade.ini /etc/quantum/plugins/brocade/brocade.ini

(hence it is important to make any changes to the configuration in: /opt/stack/quantum/etc/quantum/plugins/brocade/brocade.ini)