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Wait, what?
-Relax, it'll make more sense once the video is up.
+Relax, it'll make more sense once the video is up.
+I watched the video and I still don't understand.
+Pull requests are a great way for your team to do code review before merging new features or bug fixes back into the primary branch (typically master, often times develop). For any new change, create a new branch from master and commit your changes there, then open a pull request
+What if there's already an open issue to which I'd like to attach code?
+As far as I can tell, this can't be accomplished through the interface. There's a button to create a pull request for a new branch, but no button to attach a new branch to an existing issue.
+This is best accomplished, then, using [hub](, which adds some extra features to git for use with Github.

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