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Integrate subscriptions and members-only content into ExpressionEngine.
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Membrr is a plugin for ExpressionEngine that brings subscription membership website functionality to your ExpressionEngine installation. More specifically, it is a module, extension, and control panel for ExpressionEngine.

Membrr uses the free, open sourceOpenGateway billing engine to handle all of its billing, automated emails, and payment gateway integration. OpenGateway is downloaded and installed in a sub-folder or sub-domain of your website prior to setting up your Membrr plugin.


All documentation is included in this release, in the docs folder.


Will using Membrr break any of my existing addons for ExpressionEngine?

No. There are no known conflicts. You can use Solspace's User module, Cartthrob, or any other EE addon without interfering with Membrr. Why? Membrr adds functionality to EE's basic member system without interfering with the member system at all. Other modules won't even know Membrr exists (and that's a good thing, in this case).

Why build Membrr using underlying OpenGateway technology?

By allowing OpenGateway to handle all of the complicated, multi-gateway billing parts of the plugin, we free ourselves up from having to develop all of this code with the ExpressionEngine framework. We can also do things like port the code to new platforms (like from EE1.6.x to EE2.0) in a much shorter timeframe.

Finally, by using OpenGateway, we give you an enterprise-class billing engine and API that you can use to extend your Membrr-powered website or on new projects.


EE Donations was developed by Brock Ferguson, founder of Electric Function, Inc. After Electric Function was acquired, EE Donations was open-sourced by the new owners.

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