furter development of the prairie openid server originally developed by barnraiser.com
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Changes to Alfa-0.3 version. 

Included SREG extention to exchange more profiledata upon request from the relaying Party. This 
setting can be updated in the account page. 

Its not yet presenting the user what data is exchanged, but the user may chose what to fill in
on the account page. This screen will be the next update. 

if this installation of this is an upgrade to earlier versions of prairie, you can easely 
update the database by running the script: 

Then the new fields in the database is automatically added. 

This release also contains change to the editor screen to look nicer with the tiny_mce wysiwyg editor

In search for a lightweight openid server, i found prairie at 

to suit the need : 
-	Using subdomain as openid identities makes identity simple to remember and type in. 
-	Contains an profile page connected to your identity, that is useful when commenting posts on others 
	blogs etc using your openid identity. 

However, the project was closed down (and is now reopend by me), and during install of the alpha 0.2 release, i discovered that 
it needed some more development to function properly. This implies the following areas: 

-	It was Not fully openid2 compatible (bugfixes and some more implementation)
-	Lacks implementation of the openid.mode=checkid_immediate
-	The profile-editor needed an wysiwyg editor to be more user friendly 

I have done some development work on it that should be public available as the original source from http://www.barnraiser.org/prairie

I thought of using github repository here in case some others wants to attend the further development of this system. 

Changes to this version: 
-	Implemented the mode “openid.mode=checkid_immediate”. Changes in the class Openid.class.php, trust.php and index.php
	(The method requires no userer interventions whenever logged in or not, just OK or need login first style). 
-	Change in index.php to prevent login screen to appear if already logged on when using your openID. 
-	Change in wrapper.tpl.php to include link header for “openid2.provider”, and included script for the tiny_mce editor.
	(lack of the link made Relaying Parties to use OpenID 1.1 instead of 2.0) (Facebook trouble) 
-	Change in editor.tpl.php to use tiny_mce editor (The editor screen needs redesign in order to be nice with this new 
	editor, but is now functional.
- 	openid.realm was not implemented, used openid.return_to instead that caused the user to get the whole 'return to' URL presented 
	when approving connections. This URL is sometimes pretty long and contains lot of unreaable content. This is now fixed. 
- 	Fixed UTC time zone in nonce (using gmdate instead of date) - file class/Openid.class.php
	(Facebook error: nonce used before or out of range). 
- 	Fixed support for $openid_identity == 'http://specs.openid.net/auth/2.0/identifier_select' - since there is only one per subdomain, it just throws in the url for your subdomain. 
	(Facebook are using this). 

More to do: 
	Implement the following extentions: 

Best Regards, 
Ole Kristian Ek Hornnes