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Treeprof - Pre-release

NOTE: This is an in-development package. It should work in most cases, but hasn't been extensively tested and likely contains bugs. If enough interest develops for this package we will work to produce a stable release.


Yet another R benchmarking package. Here is why you might be interested in it:

  • Unlike microbenchmark, it is suitable for benchmarking complex expressions or functions
  • Like lineprof it is based on Rprof
  • Unlike Rprof this tells you which calls are childrens of others; often in Rprof you can infer this based on the total execution times reported, but at times it is ambiguous
  • Unlike Rprof or lineprof this will automatically repeat code that evaluates too quickly to register meaningfully through stack dumps, by default targeting a total evaluation time of 5 seconds.
  • Unlike lineprof, this shows the entire call stack at once so you can see at a glance if a bottlenecks is occurring a few steps in, and you can easily keep track of what proportion of the total time a bottleneck deep in the call stack is taking.
  • Unlike ggprof you can easily make out call names in deep and complex stacks

Here is some a snippet of output:

rep---------------------------------------------- :  72 -   0
|   rep.factor----------------------------------- :  72 -   0
|       structure-------------------------------- :  55 -  46
|       |   levels------------------------------- :   4 -   4
|       |   %in%--------------------------------- :   2 -   1
|       |   |   match---------------------------- :   1 -   1
|       |   match-------------------------------- :   2 -   2
|       |   class-------------------------------- :   1 -   1
|       NextMethod------------------------------- :  17 -  17
make.names--------------------------------------- :   2 -   1
|   make.unique---------------------------------- :   1 -   1
unclass------------------------------------------ :   2 -   2
as.list------------------------------------------ :   3 -   2
|   as.list.default------------------------------ :   1 -   1

Where the first column is the total time and the second is self time.


Basic Usage

Can't get much simpler:


This will output the tree to screen.


But the main use case for treeprof is through the Shiny interactive interface. This is also very simple:

x <- treeprof(bench_mark_me())

This will launch a Shiny app that allows you to explore your benchmarks in depth and detail.