Remote GNU Mailman, is a Mechanized Mailman Administration
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Remote GNU Mailman

This is a working in progress project to build a ruby API for the most useful Mailman tasks using Mechanize.

So far I've done:

  • Login to Mailman administration interface

  • Listing subscribed users

How to use

mailman =
mailman.config = {'host' => '', 'path' => '/admin.cgi/', 'password' => 'adminpassword'}
mailman.members # will list subscribed users

You can also store your configuration on a YAML file and load it like that:

mailman.config = YAML.load("config.yml"))

Minimum Requirements

It has been tested with Mailman 2.1.14, it may or may not work with older versions.

You will need to change admin_member_chunksize parameter on Mailman to a value bigger than the amount of subscribed users.

In future versions, this limitation will no longer exist, but defining a bigger value will increase speed as it will need to crawl less pages.


This are the planned features (in no specific order), if you want to help, please read the How to Contribute :

  • Gemify

  • Adding new member

  • Adding members in batch

  • Searching for subscribed members (by name, email)

  • Filter members by membership flags (moderated, hide, nomail, etc)

  • Removing a member

  • Removing members in batch

  • Manage moderated messages (list, approve, decline, etc)

How to contribute

  1. Fork the project

  2. Save one or more HTML pages that are needed for the feature you are accessing on 'spec/templates' folder

  3. Create RSpec tests using FakeWeb to simulate Mailman

  4. Code one or more features

  5. Open a pull request :)

You can also fill bug reports for implemented features, contribute with more RSpec tests and documentation.