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Author: Christopher J. Brody

License: BSD 3-Clause or commercial

I can hereby testify that this project is completely my own work and not subject to agreements with any other parties. In case of code written under direct guidance from sample code the link is given for reference. In case I accept contributions from any others I will require CLA with similar statements. License is subject to change, and this project may be dedicated to the public domain at some point in the future.


Javascript can do XHR query of certain URI(s) starting with file://aqaq and receive a callback in the aqcallback function. This is similar to the native iOS part of @brodybits / aqsa-query-test-ios working within a Cordova plugin. This should also work from a web worker. This will be used to support sqlite access from a web worker.

Major tips & tricks

  • Specifies configuration in plugin.xml to initialize this plugin on startup, THANKS to cordova-plugin-whitelist
  • Uses a subclass of NSURLProtocol to intercept XHR requests

Security TODO(s)

Enforce use of secret bridge code, like the Cordova framework does.

Related project(s)

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