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An example illustrating how to index pandas DataFrames.
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
mtns = pd.DataFrame([
{'name': 'Mount Everest',
'height (m)': 8848,
'summited': 1953,
'mountain range': 'Mahalangur Himalaya'},
{'name': 'K2',
'height (m)': 8611,
'summited': 1954,
'mountain range': 'Baltoro Karakoram'},
{'name': 'Kangchenjunga',
'height (m)': 8586,
'summited': 1955,
'mountain range': 'Kangchenjunga Himalaya'},
{'name': 'Lhotse',
'height (m)': 8516,
'summited': 1956,
'mountain range': 'Mahalangur Himalaya'},
mtns.set_index('name', inplace=True)
print(mtns.loc[:, 'height (m)'])
print(mtns.loc[:, 'height (m)'].values)
print(mtns.loc[:, 'mountain range'])
print(mtns.loc['K2', :])
print(mtns.loc['K2', 'mountain range'])
print(mtns.loc[:, 'height (m)': 'summited'])
print(mtns.loc[:, ['height (m)', 'summited']])
print(mtns.loc[mtns.loc[:, 'summited'] > 1954, :])
print(mtns.iloc[0, :])
print(mtns.iloc[:, 2])
print(mtns.iloc[0, 2])
print(mtns.iloc[[1, 3], :])
print(mtns.iloc[:, 0:2])
print(mtns.iloc[:, 0:2].loc['K2', :])
print(mtns.iloc[:, 0].loc['K2', :])
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