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Simple Gallery for Pydgeot

A plugin for Pydgeot to generate thumbnails and indexes for a directory and its subdirectories.


  • Generate and update indexes for files in a directory (and its children.)
  • Generate and update thumbnails for images.
  • Template support.
  • Not a whole lot else.



git clone pydgeot_simple_gallery
cd pydgeot_simple_gallery
python install


Add simple_gallery to your pydgeot.conf plugins list. Simple Gallery looks for options under a simple_gallery key.

  • template Relative path (to the first parent directory to use the processor) to a Jinja template to use for index pages. Default: .template.html
  • index Filename to generate the index as. Default: index.html
  • thumb_size Maximum width and height for generated thumbnails, as a two element list. Default: [214, 160]
  • thumb_default Path to thumbnail image to use when no thumb can be generated. Default: None
  • use_symlinks Create symlinks for original files instead of copying them over to the build directory. Default: False
    "plugins": ["simple_gallery"],
    "processors": ["simple_gallery"],
    "simple_gallery": {
        "directory": "mygallery",
        "use_symlinks": true

Template Variables

  • dir_name Name of the indexed directory.
  • has_parent_dir If this index is a child of the root index.
  • dirs List of file information for directories in the indexed directory.
  • files List of file information for files in the indexed directory.

File information for directories and files are dictionaries with the following members:

  • filename Name of the directory or file.
  • date Modified date. Exif data will be used if available.
  • thumbname Name of the thumbnail for this directory or file. The key does not exist if there is no thumbnail.
  • Any exif data properties.