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Repo for Broke Protocol GameSource dll
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What is this?

This repo is a collection of methods in BP which are moddable by replacing this DLL. Instead of subscribing to the event, you can fully change how the event works. Only the most useful methods will be exposed to this API, more info about that here.


  1. Fork/Clone/Download repository.
  2. Open the just downloaded/cloned repository.
  3. Open the src/BP-GameSource.sln file using your favorite C# editor. (Suggested version is currently VS IDE 2019)
  4. Resolve references wherever needed.
  5. Make changes where needed.
  6. Rebuild source code, and copy + replace the .dll from YourServerFolder/Resources/GameSource.dll with your newly compiled dll.
  7. Done! When you run your server it will now invoke that dll.


  1. Name your dll pre_GameSource.dll to inject it infront of the GameSource. Current invoke list is as follows:
    1. pre_GameSource.dll
    1. GameSource.dll
    1. [A-z].dll
  1. Try to keep this dll alone as much as possible. This should only be used as a last option.
  2. Because GameSource will be loaded in just like any other Resource, you'll have to create a Core class which implements the Resource class. Because of this, you can use a lot of features like Group Manager, Command Handler, etc all within the GameSource. (This is not recommended, but still possible)

Exposed Methods

Please check this directory for more info.

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