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@0xTim 0xTim released this Feb 22, 2017 · 635 commits to master since this release

SteamPress 0.5.1

This release moves the ViewFactory struct behind a protocol so we start testing up to our view layer. There are also some tests for the BlogController now.

Breaking Changes

  • When rendering the profile.leaf template, the User that is passed in is now called the author. This is to differentiate between the currently logged-in user, and the user of the profile you are viewing.
  • The posts array that gets passed to the tag.leaf page is now the longSnippet Node, so any calls to post.short_snippet will need to be changed.

New Additions

  • The disqusName which is pulled out of the Configuration is available is passed to the tag.leaf and profile.leaf templates. This helps if you want to embed in things like comment counts for those pages
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