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@0xTim 0xTim released this Mar 4, 2017 · 621 commits to master since this release

SteamPress 0.6.0

This release improves the way tags are handled when creating and editing blog posts. Enabling you to do things like this:

Tag Demo

New Features

A new API has been added at /<blog-path>/api/tags that will return all of the tags in JSON form the have currently been added.

Breaking Changes

This release contains breaking changes when dealing with tags. For the createPost.leaf template, the tagsSupplied parameter is now an array of BlogTags instead of a space-separated string. This allows for tags to have spaces in the name.

The POST handlers for creating and editing posts now expect the inputTags fields to come from a select element instead of a input element. This is to help support the likes of Select2 and allow for tags with spaces and other punctuation in.

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