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@0xTim 0xTim released this Mar 17, 2017 · 567 commits to master since this release

SteamPress 0.8.0

This release improves Open Graph support and adds more endpoints to help users and SEO.

New Endpoints

There are new endpoints for all tags and all authors that require two new Leaf templates in the blog directory:

  • tags.leaf - A page for all of the tags on the blog
  • authors.leaf - A page for all of the authors on the blog

Full details about the parameters for these templates can be found on the README.

New Open Graph Image support

The post_description parameter that is passed to the blogpost.leaf template now also uses SwiftSoup for better HTML parsing.

New Contexts

The BlogUser and BlogTag both now have a new Context enum - BlogUserContext and BlogTagContext, with a withPostCount option - this will provide the number of posts for that user or tag as a post_count parameter on the Node.

New Parameters

The Blog index page now gets passed an array of authors containing all of the BlogUsers on the blog.

Breaking Changes

Other than the new endpoints outlined above, there should be no other breaking changes (and no databases breaking changes).

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