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Tiny Ring library to memoize code on a per-request basis.
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Tiny library for memoizing code such that it runs once per Ring request.



:dependencies [[per-ring-request "0.1.0"]]


All the usages below require the middleware to be set up. For example, with Noir, do

(use 'per-ring-request.middleware)

(server/add-middleware wrap-setup-memoization)

Memoization only occurs within the dynamic scope of this middleware.

Memoize a block of code

(use 'per-ring-request.core)


Memoize a closure

This is equivalent to the previous example:

(use 'per-ring-request.core)

(def my-function
    (fn [foo]

Note on concurrency

If within a request you use a concurrency mechanism, such as Clojure's future macro, that reuses current bindings in another thread, memoization will be shared with that thread. In this case there is a race condition - the memoized code might be evaluated more than once.

Difference between per-request and memoize-per-request

(use 'per-ring-request.core)

(defn make-closure-1 []
  (fn []
      (println "hi"))))
(def a (make-closure-1))
(def b (make-closure-1))
; Even if you call a and b in the same request, "hi" will only be printed once.

(defn make-closure-2 []
    (fn []
      (println "hi"))))
(def c (make-closure-1))
(def d (make-closure-2))
; Calling c and d in the same request will print "hi" twice.


Copyright © 2012 Jacob Williams

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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