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+# broke.js, version 0.1.1a
+A Javascript Framework inspired by the Django Web Framework (
+written by Davide Callegari -
+# Help wanted
+I need help with the translation from Python to Javascript.
+If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me 'cause I can't go on by myself.
+WARNING: The API is under heavy development, please play around with it
+but do not use it on a deployment environment.
+## Broke Javascript Framework
+The Broke Javascript Framework is a porting of the fantastic Django Web Framework
+on Javascript. It summarizes all the best concepts present in Django like
+url resolving, decoupling, DRY principle, project-specific settings and a pretty
+simple template engine.
+It could be put in the big Javascript MVC frameworks group outside there, but, as
+Django is, this is more a MTV (Model-Template-View) framework.
+Yet another Javascript MVC framework.
+Please refer to the examples shipped with the release for a full understanding.
+Live demo at
+You may find a distribution file inside the "dist" directory or you can roll up your
+own distribution file easily with the build settings and libraries inside the "bin"
+For everyone of you who do not know the Django Web Framework and couldn't care less,
+here is a summary of the philosophy behind Broke:
+ * MTV pattern
+ * DRY principle (Do Not Repeat Yourself)
+ * Object-relational mapping
+ * Elegant URL design
+ * An event system similar to the HTTP Request/Response
+ * Highly configurable
+Broke take advantage of the latest 'onhashchange' event, if present, and if not it
+will fake one.
+Generally Broke uses the 'elements' method to trigger 'broke.request' events instead
+of the 'hashchange' method. Please refer to the 'events' documentation for more insight.
+I'll try to summarize the pros and cons of both solutions:
+ * hashchange:
+ * pros:
+ * you can bookmark the page
+ * the forward/backward buttons, changing the hash, trigger a request
+ * cons:
+ * poor control over the event happening in the page
+ * whenever a link tries asks for the same url twice, it does
+ not get intercepted twice but just once, the first time the hash changes
+ (which could both be good and bad)
+ * elements:
+ * pros:
+ * you can bookmark the page
+ * more control over the event, since you can prevent default actions
+ on forms/links/whatever, like submit or visualization of the hash
+ on the page url
+ * every time you trigger a request, it gets intercepted by broke
+ * cons:
+ * the forward/backward buttons do not trigger any kind of events on
+ the page, so going backward and forward does nothing. So far
+ I could not think of a good method to prevent this
+For a good understanding, please refer to the examples shipped with Broke and at the live
+demo page at
+ * integrate model's fields
+ * forms
+ * unit tests
+ * server side integration
+ * a better documentation

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