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The MLMC is a smart LED matrix module that can be chained to produced a scrolling display. I call it smart because a display made of these modules can be extended without changing either the firmware on the module controller or the firmware on the display controller. Each individual module will take care of refreshing its section of the display in a very power efficient way. When new data is sent to the display old data is passed along the chain from one module to the next. This serial shifting action makes building an arbitrary length scrolling display very simple to implement.

The LED matrix itself is hosted on a separate PCB to the module control circuitry. This separation makes it is simple to adapt the module to other LED matrices without changing the controller PCB or firmware. If you were producing a number of different sized displays you could use the same controller PCB for a module made from a 16 by 16 LED matrices as you might for a large module made using 16 by 16 individual 10mm LEDs.

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Modular LED Matrix Controller






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