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Project wiki

Important note

The github wiki was an early stage of the documentation that now in resides in restructedtext format in the docs directory. The docs also form the basis of the readthedocs poca page. Please go there for up to date documentation.

Old, possibly outdated documentation

Poca consists of three parts:

  • poca: an executable that downloads podcasts
  • poca-subscribe: a tool to help organise and manage subscriptions
  • poco: a Python library. Only of interest if you want to poke around in the inner workings.

poca, the executable, is simply run by typing in the command, once installed. See poca --help or man poca for a few straightforward parameters and flags or the poca command page. Most of the advanced features are accessed by way of the configuration file. Please see Configuration for details.

poca-subscribe can help with managing subscriptions - adding, deleting and sorting - without having to edit the configuration file manually. Please see poca-subscribe for details.

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