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The poca.xml file contains all poca's general and subscription specific configuration. To get started simply run poca once to get a basic config file placed in ~/.poca.

The configuration file must validate as correct XML. If you get errors related to the configuration file, please use an online xml validation service (google 'xml validation' to find any number of such services) to check if your file validates before submitting error reports. There is no need for quotes or escaping characters, simply enter values between tags. This goes for titles, paths, regexes and urls.

The configuration file is created to be as self-explanatory as possible. It is divided into three main parts:

Settings contains general settings, while subscriptions contains a list of all the podcasts you want to subscribe to. Options in Defaults are similar to those in Subscriptions, only they apply globally, to all subscriptions (unless overridden). Please see the linked pages for more information.

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