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Ludus for Amber

Ludus is an HTML5 canvas game framework for Amber Smalltalk.

You can find documentation for all methods and a couple of example games at the project page.

This repository is a move to Amber Smalltalk version 0.12.4 from the original Ludus as an Amber branch (version 0.9.1). The name stands for game or leisure in Latin.

Ludus has been ported from Amber 0.9.1 to Amber 0.12.4 by Philippe Back and Hannes Hirzel.


  1. A web browser with reasonably good support for HTML5 canvas.
  2. nodejs. This will give you the node package manager npm as well.
  3. A global install of the amber npm package
  4. A global install of the bower client side package manager in order to install the dependencies

The amber and bower packages can be installed with the following command (In some cases you have to call npm with sudo npm):

npm install --global amber-cli bower

or the same thing, but less typing:

npm i -g amber-cli bower

Getting Started

Clone the repo, and start the amber server:

git clone
cd Ludus
amber serve

Point your browser to:



The default port is 4000. Use --port to specify a custom port:

amber serve --port 9000

See also

Another Amber Smalltalk game framework by Masashi Umezawa . It wraps the enchantjs library with Amber Smalltalk code.

Submarine game in Amber


Ludus is a game framework on top of Amber. The name stands for game or leisure in Latin.




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