@jguille2 jguille2 released this May 16, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

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This is a minor maintenance release that updates Snap! from version 4.1.2dev to

The main fix involves a new cloud URL, as the previous one used by Snap4Arduino has become unavailable.

Changes since 1.2.5

  • Korean translation by @ljb7977
  • Allow loading libraries using the command line --load parameter
  • Allow to reconnect a board after a failed attempt
  • Fixed note values in SnapJr library and mode
  • Fixed cloud URL
  • Updated to latest stable Snap! version

As usual, thanks to @jogaye for building and testing the OSX version.

@bromagosa bromagosa released this Feb 14, 2018 · 37 commits to master since this release

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The major change in this release is that it uses the new Snap! cloud. It also includes an experimental Snap Jr. mode designed and implemented by our friends at the Edutec group in the Citilab.

Special thanks to @jogaye for building and testing the OSX version.

Changes since 1.2.4

  • Updated to Snap 4.1.2
  • Background execution. Programs keep working when Snap4Arduino is minimized or out of focus.
  • Snap Jr. mode. Thanks to @jogaye and @vcasado for the implementation, and to @jguille2 for a bunch of bug fixes.
  • Some improvements on the HTTP server by @jguille2.
  • Added a bunch of libraries to the library browser.
  • Added a bunch of examples to the project browser.
  • New Turkish translation. Thanks @yildizhuseyin!
  • New < arduino connected ? > block.
  • Code cleanup, especially regarding menu decorators.
  • New save and share dialog, by @jguille2.
  • Showing correct IPs and hostnames in the HTTP server menu, by @jguille2.
  • Probably a bunch of other improvements by @jguille2 that I've forgotten, especially in the web and ChromeOS versions. Thanks for all the hard work!

@bromagosa bromagosa released this Oct 19, 2017 · 92 commits to master since this release

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This is essentially a bugfix release that doesn't add much functionality. 1.2.5 is going to be released hopefully by the end of this month and will include all the newest features that Snap! is adding to the soon-to-be released 4.1 version.

This release doesn't include an IPKG or Android version. The IPKG one is probably going to be discontinued since it had virtually no users. The Android one is going to be frozen for now. If we find sponsorship for its reimplementation we could be convinced into building a runtime-only Android version that lets you run pre-built Snap4Arduino programs. Something like htpp://snapp.citilab.eu but for Android. There are too many UI issues that are really hard to solve and would require a single developer working full time on the Android version. Sorry :(

Changes since 1.2.3

  • Updated URLs and info dialogs to match new domain, this includes the mechanism that checks for new versions. This solves the launch delay in some versions.
  • Fixed HTTP issues for CLI version.
  • Huge improvements in Chromium version, thanks to @jguille2.
  • Transpiler now works in Chromium, thanks to @jguille2 again.
  • File saving fixes for the transpiler. Guess thanks to whom ;)
  • Fixed menus in web version.
  • Fixed send-var HTTP API entry point.

@bromagosa bromagosa released this Aug 19, 2016 · 321 commits to master since this release

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Changes since rc2

  • Better support for serial port over network (Thanks Ove Risberg!)
  • Network serial port settings are persistent across sessions
  • Refactored Arduino functionalities into an independent object
  • Fixed a bunch of transpilation bugs
  • Enhanced transpilation to C, added support for broadcasts (only broadcast and wait, for now)
  • We now hide empty categories when in transpilable mode
  • New API endpoint for single-var readings

@bromagosa bromagosa released this Jul 13, 2016 · 328 commits to master since this release

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1.1.6-rc2 ready

@bromagosa bromagosa released this Jul 12, 2016 · 333 commits to master since this release

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PWM block fixed, again.