@jguille2 jguille2 released this Oct 19, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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Changes from 1.2.6

  • Snap! updated to Martí version
    • New Recover from cloud feature
    • Vector paint editor added
    • Basque translation
    • Tools lib tranlated into Catalan, German, French and Spanish
    • New libraries Text to speech, Bigger data, Create variables, JSON data and Parallelization
    • Experimental JIT
    • New random and center input options
    • "Zero steps" paints a dot
  • Basque translation by Asier Iturralde
  • New libraries: Creative Robotix and SA5Firmata
  • Public/private options into HTTP server feature
  • I2C library improved and enabled for online version
  • Digital pins dropdown fixed

Congratulations to Martí and his family!!