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// don't force a blank line afer every block of declarations
// force a blank line after procedure bodies
// prefer to break long lines before && or || operators
// Don't put newlines after commas in multiple declarations
// int foo, bar, baz;
// K&R style braces
// if (foo) {
// bar;
// }
// cuddle 'else' to preceding }
// if (foo) {
// bar;
// } else {
// baz;
// }
// cuddle 'while' to preceding }
// do {
// foo;
// } while (bar);
// K&R style braces in struct declarations
// struct foo {
// ...
// };
// BUT the opening brace of a function is at the
// start of it's own line. Consistent? Nope.
// int foo(int bar)
// {
// ...
// }
// Start comments which follow code on a line, at column 33 (the
// default)
// Ditto for comments following declarations
// Ditto for comments following cpp directives
// Don't force comment delimiters onto their own lines
// 'case' statements are not indented relative to the switch
// switch (foo) {
// case BAR:
// }
// Don't put a space after a cast operator
// Indent block comments to their surrounding code
// put identifiers in declarations immediately after type
// int foo;
// Don't format comments starting in column 1
// Don't format comments starting after column 1
// try to break long lines where the original code did
// indentation is 4 characters
// tabs are 8 characters (the default)
// Don't add extra indentation for multiple opening parens
// or K&R function declarations (not that we should have any)
// Maximum line length of long code lines
// broken 2nd line of function arguments is indented
// to align with open parenthesis e.g.
// long_function_name(first_argument, second_argument,
// indented_third_argument)
// indent nested cpp directives
// #if X
// # if Y
// # define Z 1
// goto labels start in column 0
// No space between a called function name and its args
// function_call(arg1, arg2)
// No space between 'sizeof' and its arg
// sizeof(struct foo);
// No space inside parentheses
// Put the type of a procedure at the start of the same
// line it's definition
// int foo(int bar)
// {
// Force a space between 'for' and the following parenthesis
// for (i=0 ; i<5 ; i++) {
// Force a space between 'if' and the following parenthesis
// if (foo != bar) {
// Force a space between 'while' and the following parenthesis
// while (foo) {
// Don't force a * at the beginning of each line of box comments
// Don't swallow "optional" blank lines in the original code
// Don't force a space before the ';' when it's the entire
// body of a 'for' or 'while'.