Started this before I knew apenwarr's existed, then never finished it. Use apenwarr's instead.
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Tries to present an easy-to-use interface for git's subtree merge strategy.
It's meant to work like git submodules but without the suckage.


  cd vendor/plugins
  git-subtree clone git://
  git commit     (note: this step will probably go away)

Now you have a vendor/plugins/will_paginate directory, complete with
full history.

When changes appear upstream, you can pull them into your subtree

  cd vendor/plugins/will_paginate
  git-subtree pull

(pull is, of course, a combination of git-subtree fetch and git-subtree merge)

Help works.  Run 'git-subtree help' to see what commands you have at
your disposal, or 'git-subtree help merge' for help on a specific command.


Just copy git-subtree somewhere on your path.


Why isn't there a 'git-subtree checkout' command?

  You can only merge to subtrees.  It doesn't make sense to check them out.
  A subtree is really no different from a git branch -- you can't really
  go backward (well, you can merge revert commits, ugh).  So, if you ever
  want to checkout a whole new subtree, rather than merging, you should
  probably just delete it then clone it at the desired commit.

How do I move a subtree to a differet directory or delete it?

  The usual git commands: git mv and git rm.  That should be all you need.

  There is a minor catch.  git-subtree stores the branch that you most
  recently merged into each subtree in the .git-subtrees file.
  If you move a subtree, this file will be out of date.  No problem,
  git subtree will ask you to explicitly name a branch the next time
  you merge into the subtree in the new location.

  TODO: is there a way to clean this up?