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-## vim-markdown-preview
- vim-markdown-preview is a (customizable) plugin for the vim editor to preview markdown documents.
+![Hammer Mario!](
-## Documentation
+Hammer.vim translates a bunch of markup languages you're working on in vim to HTML, and then opens that HTML in your browser.
- See [doc/vmp.txt](
- If you install vim-markdown-preview, please run `:helptags $HOME/.vim/doc` to be able to view
- the documentation from within vim.
+Supported Markup
-## Install
+Anything _github-markup_ supports:
-* Option 1
- Clone the repository! The master branch is where stable, or soon-to-be-released code lives.
-* Option 2
- You can download versioned releases from the
- [downloads]( page.
+* [.markdown]( -- `gem install redcarpet`
+* [.textile]( -- `gem install RedCloth`
+* [.rdoc](
+* [.org]( -- `gem install org-ruby`
+* [.creole]( -- `gem install creole`
+* [.mediawiki]( -- `gem install wikicloth`
+* [.rst]( -- `easy_install docutils`
+* [.asciidoc]( -- `brew install asciidoc`
+* [.pod]( -- `Pod::Simple::HTML`
+ comes with Perl >= 5.10. Lower versions should install Pod::Simple from CPAN.
+* .1 - Requires [`groff`](
-**Automatic installation**
- vim-markdown-preview is bundled with an installer script which will install to `$HOME/.vim/plugin/`
+You might need to install an extra dependency depending on the markup language you want to render (See Above).
+Ruby vim support is required, too!
- sh
+ gem install github-markup
+ git clone
+ cp -R hammer.vim/plugin $HOME/.vim/plugin
-## Usage
- Send vim the command `:Mm` for a preview of your markdown document.
- Alternatively, bind `:Mm` to a key binding:
- `map <leader>p :Mm<CR>`
-## Dependencies
- * vim
- * Ruby support for vim.
- * kramdown (bundled with this package)
+The `:Hammer` command will try to draw a preview of whatever file is currently in your buffer.
+It helps to map it to a key though, and I personally use: `map <leader>p :Hammer<CR>`
-## Notes
- If you're previewing documents in the links browser, remember to use ctrl+r after previewing a document
- for the 2nd, 3rd, ..., etc time or you'll be left with the cached version.
+There are a few options, too:
-## Screenshots
- [links browser](
- .. more to come!
+* g:HammerTemplate
+ The template to render with. Default is `default`, a GitHub-esque design.
-## Bugs
- Bugs are tracked through
- [The GitHub Issue Tracker](
+* g:HammerDirectory
+ Where previews are written to. Default is `/tmp`
+* g:HammerBrowser
+ The template to open the preview with. Default is OS-dependent.
+ `open` on OSX, `start` on Windows, and `xdg-open` on xorg-running machines.
+If you don't like the default template, you can write your own.
+Check out the [default template](
+for ideas on how it's done.
+It's basically an erb template, with the markup transformed to HTML passed as a partial.
+Pull requests for new templates would be awesome ;-)
+* [POD](
+* [Markdown](
+Many thanks to the @github team for _github-markup_!

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