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Scripts for singularity transcoding VM.
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Scripts for singularity transcoding VM.
For What, Why, How you could read:

Probably working scripts at this point


  • toX264crf (and required toAAC, hasVideo, hasAudio, mxfmixdown and such modules)
  • toDV
  • toPRORES
  • toPRORESinterlaced (assumes ttf input and flags/encodes? output as interlaced)
  • srt2video
  • toMXFpush (xdcam 8bpc 4:2:2 mpeg2 with separated mono tracks, assumes stereo single channel input, will also do ebuR128 correction on audio)
  • r128 (r128 info and graph, will also work with mxf files with separated audio channels)
  • dur (echo durations)
  • durtc (echo durations if framerate is assumed to be 25)



  • unique ouput naming for video scripts
  • Lossy audio encoders should now call r128corectionPlus6 (adding +6 dB to calculation), this are all formats meant for web mostly.
  • Broadcast formats like toPRORES will not get any r128 corrections at this point, except formats that are meant for push, like mxf.

interesting usage examples
toDV "$input" && toX264crf "$input"
# will encode the file to DV and h.264
# toDV "$input" & toX264crf "$input" # should work as well.

Gnu parallel

Especially audio transcoders will get enormous speed boost when using parallel, for example

find . -type f -iname "*.wav" | parallel --gnu toOPUS {}


toVORBIS fails when run in BG.

system notes

Get Thunar some thumbnail

sudo pacman -S tumbler ffmpegthumbnailer # to get thumbs in thunar

Thunar custom actions

urxvt -e bash -c 'mediainfo %f && (read -n1 -r -p "Any key to quit...")'
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