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Personal config files for Chris DeLuca
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.git_template/hooks Add tpopes git ctag implementation.
bronzehedwick Add convience function for starting simple python server.
.ackrc Add scss and less filetype detection to ack.
.bash_aliases Move aliases from .bashrc to .bash_aliases.
.bashrc Move aliases from .bashrc to .bash_aliases. Rename so it will install automatically.
.gitconfig Fix indentation in gitconfig.
.gitk Initial commit
.gvimrc.local Updated for new spf13: Compatibility was poor, much has been fixed
.jshintrc Fixed jshintrc globals to work
.siegerc Add siegerc.
.vimrc.before.local Remove PHP from spf-13 group.
.vimrc.bundles.local Add more syntax highlighting for JS libraries for vim.
.vimrc.local Set default javascript linter to eslint.
.vimrc.sparse Remap mapleader to , in .vimrc.sparse
.weatherrc Initial commit
.wgetrc Remove showing full response on wget downloads.
LICENSE.txt Add LICENSE file via Update readme with cleaner install instructions.
bronzehedwick.load Add ascii fish logo.
bronzehedwick.zsh Remove date alias. Install file ignores files that already exist.
tmux.conf Update tmux config to fix pasteboard on osx
tmux.conf.osx Switch tmux default shell to fish.


Personal config files for Chris DeLuca


git clone .dotfiles
sh .dotfiles/

This will clone the repo and symlink all the files into your home directory.

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