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#Meal Tracker with Angular2 - JS Week 2 Code Review

###By: Brooke Hurford


For this project, we were instructed to create a meal tracker app using the Angular 2 Javascript Framework. A user of this app should be able to log each food that they eat with some details about the meal and the number of calories for that portion. The website should meet the following objectives:

  • Use Typescript syntax
  • Allow users to create new instances of a model
  • Manage your build tool dependencies with npm
  • Manage your front-end dependencies with Bower
  • Include a gulp-based asset pipeline with a development server.
  • The app should be structured in a logical way, including some SASS and at least 2 JavaScript files.
  • Use exports in at least one of your JavaScript files
  • It should make an AJAX request and parse the JSON response.


Install Meal Tracker locally by cloning this repository:

After cloning, initialize and install the Node and Bower packages by running $npm init, $npm install, $bower init, and $bower install in the terminal. Make sure gulp and typescript are installed globally. Run $gulp build and $gulp serve when installation is complete to run the project in your local server.

##Technologies Used

  • Angular2
  • Javascript
  • Node.js with the Node Package Manager
  • Bower
  • Gulp
  • HTML
  • CSS with Sass
  • Markdown
  • Git, gitHub
  • Atom

##Copyright (c)

Copyright 2016 Brooke Hurford.

This software is licensed under the MIT license.


Javascript Week 2 - Code Review



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