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#Command line dictionary tool -- kv

The kv can

  • extract plain text from a dictionary of StarDict, for example,

    kv extract oxford.idx

  • build a dictionary of StarDict from a plain text file, like,

    kv build oxford.txt

  • query by keyword from a specified dictionary,

    kv query oxford.idx key

  • httpd service

    kv.exe server oxford.idx

    Then you can access http://localhost:8080/ to query word, the feature can work with a chrome extension to query word on web page.

The plain text file should be formated like this:

;explanation of key1
;explanation of key2
more explanation of key2
;explanation of key3
;explanation of key4 and key5
more and more

If you have # in your values, you can use another key marker such as _KEY_STARTER_, then tell kv about it with option -k. Explanations must be started with semicolon(;).

Build Instructions

cd kv