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About Brook Hong's vimfiles

Used across vim(terminal), MacVim(MAC) and gVim(WINDOWS/linux).


git clone git:// <your_vimrc_folder> && cd <your_vimrc_folder> && git submodule update --init
echo "source <your_vimrc_folder>/vimrc" >> <system_vimrc or user_vimrc>
vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q

Key Mappings

Insert mode

<C-F>               => calculate expession at current line, for example, at a new line, input (3+4)*2=<C-C>
<F5>                => insert date time like 22:35 2012/03/21
<S-TAB>             => toggle expandtab

Visual mode

<Space>f            => tabf <selected file>
*                   => search visual selected text
<leader>g           => quick replace visual selected text
<leader>s           => quick replace visual selected text, with word boundary

Normal mode

#                   => search word under cursor with ignorecase on
dl                  => dt_, delete till _
Y                   => y$
<C-B>               => switch buffer forward
<C-J>               => go to next location from location list, with :lnext
<C-K>               => go to previous location from location list, with :lprevious
<S-TAB>             => toggle expandtab
<leader>,           => translate word uner cursor with sdcv
<leader>a           => Add current word to my vocabulary.lst
<leader>d           => delete to black hole register "_
<leader>e           => ToggleNERDTree
<leader>g           => Grep word under cursor
<leader>i           => search input string with Ignorecase on
<leader>j           => paste from registers interactively
<leader>l           => toggle Location list
<leader>m           => go to Mark interactively
<leader>r           => run current file, for perl/php/python/ruby/perl/html. As to bash, current buffer will be replaced.
<leader>t           => toggle Tag list
<leader>nh          => clear(No) search Highlight
<leader>qa          => Quit All
<leader>qb          => Quick Buffer by CtrlPBuffer
<leader>qc          => Quick Clear
<leader>qd          => Quick Diff by Gdiff
<leader>qf          => Quick File by CtrlPMRU
<leader>qi          => Quick Index word under cursor
<leader>ql          => Quick Load session
<leader>qn          => force to new buffer
<leader>qs          => Quit and Save session
<leader>qx          => force to Quit
<leader>sh          => Split Horizontally
<leader>sl          => Toggle &list
<leader>sv          => Split Vertically
<leader>ve          => Vimrc to be Edit
<leader>vs          => Vimrc to be Source
<leader>wb          => search from Web by Baidu
<leader>wl          => Web Launcher with URL under cursor
<leader>wt          => search from Web by baidu Translation
<leader>ya          => Yank All lines with PATTERN to register Z
<Space>,            => close brook's console window
<Space>f            => tabf <cfile>
<Space>q            => close current window
<Space>t            => new Tab
<Space>v            => new window Vertically
<Space>w            => new Window

Extended Commands

C                   => Count the number of matches for last search pattern(@/)
C <pattern>         => Count the number of matches for pattern
H <pattern>         => search in Help
I <pattern>         => include-search(:il) in current buffer, then open location list
L                   => Locate PATTERN in current directory
S <phrase>          => search \<<phrase>\>
Df                  => diff two vertically opened files
Et <number>         => expandtab with tabstop as <number>
Gd                  => exec ':g/'.@/.'/d'
Rc <excommands>     => Read result from command to brook's console window
Ri <excommands>     => Read result from command to current buffer
Vd                  => exec ':v/'.@/.'/d'
D2h                 => convert current line from Decimal to Hexical
H2d                 => convert current line Hexical to Decimal
Vsd <file>          => Vertically split open <file>, then diff it with current file
Dos2Unix            => Dos2Unix
FmtXML              => FmtXML
HtmlImg             => convert image file path to <img> html tag
RmAllNL             => Remove All New Line
RmDupLine           => Remove Duplicate Lines
RmEmptyLine         => Clear Empty Line
TrailBlanks         => padding all visual selected lines with trailing blanks
SmallFont           => reduce font size in VIM with GUI, such gvim/macvim
LargeFont           => enlarge font size in VIM with GUI, such gvim/macvim

Most useful keystrokes

Insert mode

ctrl+r              => help <C-R>

Normal mode

vat                 => help text-objects


gmarik/vundle --

Shougo/neocomplcache --

Shougo/neosnippet --

scrooloose/nerdcommenter --

scrooloose/nerdtree --

kien/ctrlp.vim --

tpope/vim-fugitive --

tpope/vim-surround --

brookhong/DBGPavim --

brookhong/cscope.vim --

brookhong/neco-php --


godlygeek/tabular --

hsitz/VimOrganizer --

mattn/gist-vim --