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a nodejs sample app to help people deal with cultural quirks

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say wat?

not sure what they just said? ask us

A simple service to help jump those cultural barriers.


Ever had a conversation with someone where they mention a word or phrase that just doesn't make sense? This is the site for you.

saywat is intended to help capture and share the idiosyncracies of various cultures so that others can follow conversations quickly. While other sites do an excellent job of capturing and discussing latest trends, saywat is interested in the fundamentals and words and phrases in common use.

Getting Started

Read this first.

The wiki has some details about getting started and fleshing out the application.

The Code52 JabbR chatroom is usually the hub of activity if you have questions or would like to discuss things.


Several reasons:

  • an excuse to learn nodejs - personally I always learn better when i can do something practical with new tools/languages/concepts.
  • the code will be OSS - hopefully it is useful as a learning tool
  • the site itself might actually be useful to others


wat (noun, internet): a response to something that makes absolutely no sense.

arvo (noun, Australia): abbreviation for afternoon. Example: "will you be around this arvo?"

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