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Is BrooklynJS all-ages?

Yes! Our venue 61Local is an all-ages establishment and so is BrooklynJS.

What is Boroughgramming?

Boroughgramming is an all-day (10am-6:30pm) co-working event that precedes BrooklynJS. It's pretty casual: people will be chatting and collaborating. It's held upstairs in the same event space as BrooklynJS and we have a catered group lunch at around noon (as well as an icecream.js session afterwards).

What's up with the MetroCards?

Every month we laser cut a BrooklynJS themed MetroCard out of a different material. We encourage you to keep this card which lets us donate your full entrance fee to ScriptEd. Otherwise you can trade in your token for a beverage of your choice (tip your bartender!)

Are there non-alcoholic beverages? Food?

61Local has a full menu of food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Are there gender neutral bathrooms?

Yes! There are two single-occupancy gender neutral bathrooms downstairs.

You sell out so fast! Why don't you release more tickets?

We'd love for everyone who wants to come to be able to attend, unfortunately we are already packing people in as tight as we can and we just don't have physical space to accommodate any more attendees above what we're selling now.

Aside from making sure you're online when tickets get released, the easiest way to secure a ticket is to submit a talk! Even if your talk isn't selected for the month, you'll get first dibs on tickets before general release.

If you're unable to get a ticket you are still welcome to come hang out with us downstairs after the talks for the bevera.js portion of the evening.

What is bevera.js?

bevera.js is our name for the post-talk hangout downstairs after the main event. Originally called beer.js, we changed the name to be more inclusive of people who do not drink alcohol. Everyone is welcome, even if you don't have a ticket to the talks!

I'm not a JavaScript expert, am I the right audience for BrooklynJS?

Yes, everyone of all skill levels is welcome. We try to have talks at all levels and even occasionally non-JS talks.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately the space we hold talks is up a flight up stairs so it is not wheelchair accessible. The downstairs area is wheelchair accessible, so you are more than welcome to come hang out with us for the bevera.js portion of the evening.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes, all attendees, organizers and speakers must follow our code of conduct.

I didn't get a ticket, can I still come hang out?

Because of limited space upstairs you will not be able to attend the talks but feel free to come hang out after the talks during the bevera.js part of the evening.

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