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iBeacon Detection and Admin Tools

What is it?

ASK Brooklyn Museum is an app for iOS and Android that allows visitors to ask questions when they are onsite at the Brooklyn Museum. As visitors ask questions about works of art, they are connected to a team of art historians and educators who answer in real time. ASK uses Estimote beacons to identify which works or art visitors are standing near and this information is sent to the team answering questions so they can better assist the public.

The code you’ll find here is a work in progress. We are releasing slightly older iOS code which has been in production for about a year, reworked Android code which is now undergoing full user testing, and admin tools for both platforms which help us debug. As we continue to work through this multi-year roll out, we’ll continue to revise and upload code related to beacons as we go. We encourage you to read more on the BKM Tech blog where we’ve outlined how we are working with beacons and the challenges we’ve faced throughout the process: https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/community/blogosphere/tag/ibeacon/

The ASK Brooklyn Museum app is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Android development and iOS support is brought to us by HappyFunCorp.