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// Copyright 2006 Alp Toker <>
// This software is made available under the MIT License
// See COPYING for details
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using DBus;
namespace org.freedesktop.DBus
public enum NameFlag : uint
None = 0,
AllowReplacement = 0x1,
ReplaceExisting = 0x2,
DoNotQueue = 0x4,
public enum RequestNameReply : uint
PrimaryOwner = 1,
public enum ReleaseNameReply : uint
Released = 1,
public enum StartReply : uint
// The service was successfully started.
Success = 1,
// A connection already owns the given name.
public delegate void NameOwnerChangedHandler (string name, string old_owner, string new_owner);
public delegate void NameAcquiredHandler (string name);
public delegate void NameLostHandler (string name);
public delegate void InterfacesAddedHandler (ObjectPath path,IDictionary<string,IDictionary<string,object>> interfaces);
public delegate void InterfacesRemovedHandler (ObjectPath path,string[] interfaces);
public delegate void PropertiesChangedHandler (string @interface,IDictionary<string,object> changed,string[] invalidated);
[Interface ("org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer")]
public interface Peer
void Ping ();
[return: Argument ("machine_uuid")]
string GetMachineId ();
[Interface ("org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable")]
public interface Introspectable
[return: Argument ("data")]
string Introspect ();
[Interface ("org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties")]
public interface Properties
[return: Argument ("value")]
object Get (string @interface, string propname);
void Set (string @interface, string propname, object value);
[return: Argument ("props")]
IDictionary<string,object> GetAll (string @interface);
event PropertiesChangedHandler PropertiesChanged;
[Interface ("org.freedesktop.DBus")]
public interface IBus
RequestNameReply RequestName (string name, NameFlag flags);
ReleaseNameReply ReleaseName (string name);
string Hello ();
string[] ListNames ();
string[] ListActivatableNames ();
bool NameHasOwner (string name);
event NameOwnerChangedHandler NameOwnerChanged;
event NameLostHandler NameLost;
event NameAcquiredHandler NameAcquired;
StartReply StartServiceByName (string name, uint flags);
void UpdateActivationEnvironment (IDictionary<string, string> environment);
string GetNameOwner (string name);
uint GetConnectionUnixUser (string connection_name);
void AddMatch (string rule);
void RemoveMatch (string rule);
string GetId ();
//undocumented in spec
string[] ListQueuedOwners (string name);
uint GetConnectionUnixProcessID (string connection_name);
byte[] GetConnectionSELinuxSecurityContext (string connection_name);
void ReloadConfig ();
[Interface ("org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager")]
public interface ObjectManager
IDictionary<ObjectPath,IDictionary<string,IDictionary<string,object>>> GetManagedObjects();
event InterfacesAddedHandler InterfacesAdded;
event InterfacesRemovedHandler InterfacesRemoved;