References and Data Sources

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Related work and references

Public Data sources

  • American Community Survey(ACS) and American Housing Survey(AHS). Enigma linked them together in this work.
  • National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).
    • There are lots of documentation files you may want to read before dive in raw data.

    • You can order cd-rom from The U.S. Fire Administration.

    • FEMA website have some NFIRS data to download directly.

      data year format
      1999 ~ 2001 csv
      2002 ~ 2009 excel
      2010 ~ 2011 dbf

      However, all excel file only have about half the whole dataset because Excel have 1,048,576 rows limit per worksheet.

      NFIRS recommend to analysis only with NFIRS 5.0 data. 2005 ~ 2009 have more than 95% in native 5.0, non-native 5.0 data were converted to 5.0. NFIRS upgraded to NFIRS 5.0 completely starting from 2009.

    • Coverage bias. Only about 2/3 fire departments report to NFIRS. NFIRS said there is no accurate list of reporting fire departments. There is a fdheader.dbf included in public release data, but it includes many departments that no longer report or even no longer exist. And many fire departments don't have complete information like zipcode.

      There is a national fire department list from National Fire Department Census. Though it still may not cover all fire departments. A simple check found many departments reporting to NFIRS are not included in census list. There are 27193 fire departments registered with census, while NFPA estimated there are 30145 departments nationwide in 2011, and 20680 departments reporting to 2011 NFIRS. -- from page 4 of Data Sources and Methodology Documentation.

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