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Starman Jr.

A program to edit the script of the Mother 1 part of Mother 1+2.

Created during production of [Saturnbound Zero]( after frustration with existing tools.)

This repository contains the Java source code for the initial version, as well as a version ported to Perl 5, which must be run from the command line.

Command-line version usage

The Perl version accepts several flags, which should come after the specification of the output file (the first argument):

-e, --extract   The ROM file from which the script should be extracted.
-i, --insert    The script file from which a ROM should be compiled.
-b, --base      The base ROM file to which changes should be made when compiling.
-t, --table     The character table which should be used to convert characters into bytes (optional)
                See the perl/resources/eng_table.txt file for an example.


./ test.gba -i script.txt -b mother12.gba # Compile script.txt + mother12.gba -> test.gba
./ script.txt --extract mother12.gba      # Extract script of mother12.gba -> script.txt

If you were using a different character table (for example, if extracting the script of the Japanese version):

./ j_script.txt -e mother12.gba --table jpn_table.txt

(However, note that table files for languages other than English do not yet exist.)

I realize that having the output file as the first argument is a bit backwards from the way it's normally done (cf. gcc, etc.) I may fix this behavior in the future.


A program to edit the script of the Mother 1 part of Mother 1+2.



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