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seveas commented Jul 29, 2012

These patches improve backwards compatibility with gitweb.

  • Patch 1 adds the repository summary back to the summary page
  • Patch 2 improves URL compatibility

More details can be found in the commitmessages.

seveas added some commits Jul 28, 2012
@seveas seveas Gitweb compat: repository summary
- Show the summary data again, but nicely formatted
- Repository owner and clone url can be set in the gitweb section of .git/config
- Add the url to the model and template
@seveas seveas Gitweb compat: URL structure
One can use gitweb with the following apache config to have
parameter-less urls:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !\.git/(HEAD|refs|info|objects)
RewriteRule ^.*\.git.*$ /gitweb.cgi%{REQUEST_URI} [PT]

We use this on, some other sites do this too. We'd
like these URLs to be supported by Gitalist for backwards compatibility.
This commit adds those urls to the relevant Controllers as redirects to
their new location.
@seveas seveas Compatibility with older perls 0ac7bd6
@seveas seveas Bugfix: commitdiff_compat was not redirecting properly 64211a8
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