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from import TwilioRestClient
import datetime
import random
# Your Account Sid and Auth Token from
account_sid = "" #input your account sid
auth_token = "" #in your auth token
#Instantiate class TwilioRestClient with your credentials
client = TwilioRestClient(account_sid, auth_token)
#set current date and time into variable
d =
#List that holds the messages that are texted
text = ['Hello Hilary. This is your reminder to drink water. Thank you.',
'Bernardo wants to know if you\'re drinking water. Hugs!',
'*computer voice* Drink water please!',
'May I recommend this site:',
'I\'m thirsty. Are you thirsty? Let\'s go grab a water!',
'It\'s Water O\'Clock somewhere, am I right?',
'Hey kid, wanna try some water? All the cool kids are drinking it.',
'Gimme a H. Gimme a 2. Gimme an O. What\'s that spell? Water!',
'Don\'t you love letting out a big \'Aaaahhh\' after a nice gulp of water?',
'Kick back, put your feet up, grab a drink of water and enjoy this',
'Waiter, what\'s the water de jour? It\'s the water of the day. Thank you, I\'ll have that.']
if d.isoweekday() in range(1, 6): #checks for Monday - Friday
if d.hour in range(10, 18): #checks for 10am - 5pm
message = client.messages.create(
body=random.choice(text), #randomly select a message from the text list
to="", # Replace with your phone number starting with +1
from_="") # Replace with your Twilio number starting with +1
print message.sid
print 'Not in time range'
print 'Not weekday'