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Cony - a HTTP based service for providing insight into running RabbitMQ processes
Author: Gavin M. Roy <>
License: New BSD License
- Python 2.6
- py_interface
- pyyaml
Install py_interface and pyyaml, edit the cony.yaml file setting the information such
as the erlang cookie and rabbitmq node you'd like this daemon to provide data for.
Currently it can only monitor one node per daemon, and as such it is intended to be run
on the same machine as the rabbitmq node you are monitoring
Web UI:
Access to the real-time monitoring web ui is done by browsing to the default page.
Example: http://rabbitmqnode:8080
Raw Data Access:
Data is returned in JSON format and accessed via HTTP Get.
Current commands:
/stats - Returns all stats gathered for a node
/stats/list_queues - Returns all queue stats