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My repository for working with others since brosner/django is not compatible (but the best repo out there)
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Fixed Python 2.4 incompatibility introduced in [14218]

sha_constructor was incorrectly used instead of sha_hmac (which only made a
difference under 2.4).

Thanks to Steffan Kaminski for report and patch.

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lukeplant authored
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django Fixed Python 2.4 incompatibility introduced in [14218]
extras Fixed #12174 -- Corrected Bash command line completion when calling "…
AUTHORS Added myself to committers
LICENSE Updated LICENSE file to acknowledge individual copyrights as well (after More cleanups for the manifest file.
README Fixed #12951 -- Corrected README link for deployment. Thanks to carlj…
setup.cfg Fixed #13153 -- Removed a stale reference to the examples directory i… Bump to 1.2.1.


Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development
and clean, pragmatic design.

All documentation is in the "docs" directory and online at If you're just getting started, here's
how we recommend you read the docs:

    * First, read docs/intro/install.txt for instructions on installing Django.

    * Next, work through the tutorials in order (docs/intro/tutorial01.txt,
      docs/intro/tutorial02.txt, etc.).

    * If you want to set up an actual deployment server, read
      docs/howto/deployment/index.txt for instructions.

    * You'll probably want to read through the topical guides (in docs/topics)
      next; from there you can jump to the HOWTOs (in docs/howto) for specific
      problems, and check out the reference (docs/ref) for gory details.

Docs are updated rigorously. If you find any problems in the docs, or think they
should be clarified in any way, please take 30 seconds to fill out a ticket

To get more help:

    * Join the #django channel on Lots of helpful people
      hang out there. Read the archives at

    * Join the django-users mailing list, or read the archives, at

To contribute to Django:

    * Check out for information
      about getting involved.
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