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from django.conf import settings
from django.db import connection, models
from django.db.models.sql.aggregates import Aggregate
except ImportError:
supports_aggregates = False
supports_aggregates = True
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
if supports_aggregates:
class CoalesceWrapper(Aggregate):
sql_template = 'COALESCE(%(function)s(%(field)s), %(default)s)'
def __init__(self, lookup, **extra):
self.lookup = lookup
self.extra = extra
def _default_alias(self):
return '%s__%s' % (self.lookup, self.__class__.__name__.lower())
default_alias = property(_default_alias)
def add_to_query(self, query, alias, col, source, is_summary):
super(CoalesceWrapper, self).__init__(col, source, is_summary, **self.extra)
query.aggregate_select[alias] = self
class CoalesceSum(CoalesceWrapper):
sql_function = 'SUM'
class CoalesceCount(CoalesceWrapper):
sql_function = 'COUNT'
class VoteManager(models.Manager):
def get_score(self, obj):
Get a dictionary containing the total score for ``obj`` and
the number of votes it's received.
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj)
result = self.filter(object_id=obj._get_pk_val(),
'score': 'COALESCE(SUM(vote), 0)',
'num_votes': 'COALESCE(COUNT(vote), 0)',
}).values_list('score', 'num_votes')[0]
return {
'score': int(result[0]),
'num_votes': int(result[1]),
def get_scores_in_bulk(self, objects):
Get a dictionary mapping object ids to total score and number
of votes for each object.
object_ids = [o._get_pk_val() for o in objects]
if not object_ids:
return {}
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(objects[0])
if supports_aggregates:
queryset = self.filter(
object_id__in = object_ids,
content_type = ctype,
score = CoalesceSum('vote', default='0'),
num_votes = CoalesceCount('vote', default='0'),
queryset = self.filter(
object_id__in = object_ids,
content_type = ctype,
select = {
'score': 'COALESCE(SUM(vote), 0)',
'num_votes': 'COALESCE(COUNT(vote), 0)',
).values('object_id', 'score', 'num_votes')
vote_dict = {}
for row in queryset:
vote_dict[row['object_id']] = {
'score': int(row['score']),
'num_votes': int(row['num_votes']),
return vote_dict
def record_vote(self, obj, user, vote):
Record a user's vote on a given object. Only allows a given user
to vote once, though that vote may be changed.
A zero vote indicates that any existing vote should be removed.
if vote not in (+1, 0, -1):
raise ValueError('Invalid vote (must be +1/0/-1)')
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj)
v = self.get(user=user, content_type=ctype,
if vote == 0:
else: = vote
except models.ObjectDoesNotExist:
if vote != 0:
self.create(user=user, content_type=ctype,
object_id=obj._get_pk_val(), vote=vote)
def get_top(self, Model, limit=10, reversed=False):
Get the top N scored objects for a given model.
Yields (object, score) tuples.
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(Model)
query = """
SELECT object_id, SUM(vote) as %s
WHERE content_type_id = %%s
GROUP BY object_id""" % (
# MySQL has issues with re-using the aggregate function in the
# HAVING clause, so we alias the score and use this alias for
# its benefit.
if settings.DATABASE_ENGINE == 'mysql':
having_score = connection.ops.quote_name('score')
having_score = 'SUM(vote)'
if reversed:
having_sql = ' HAVING %(having_score)s < 0 ORDER BY %(having_score)s ASC LIMIT %%s'
having_sql = ' HAVING %(having_score)s > 0 ORDER BY %(having_score)s DESC LIMIT %%s'
query += having_sql % {
'having_score': having_score,
cursor = connection.cursor()
cursor.execute(query, [, limit])
results = cursor.fetchall()
# Use in_bulk() to avoid O(limit) db hits.
objects = Model.objects.in_bulk([id for id, score in results])
# Yield each object, score pair. Because of the lazy nature of generic
# relations, missing objects are silently ignored.
for id, score in results:
if id in objects:
yield objects[id], int(score)
def get_bottom(self, Model, limit=10):
Get the bottom (i.e. most negative) N scored objects for a given
Yields (object, score) tuples.
return self.get_top(Model, limit, True)
def get_for_user(self, obj, user):
Get the vote made on the given object by the given user, or
``None`` if no matching vote exists.
if not user.is_authenticated():
return None
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(obj)
vote = self.get(content_type=ctype, object_id=obj._get_pk_val(),
except models.ObjectDoesNotExist:
vote = None
return vote
def get_for_user_in_bulk(self, objects, user):
Get a dictionary mapping object ids to votes made by the given
user on the corresponding objects.
vote_dict = {}
if len(objects) > 0:
ctype = ContentType.objects.get_for_model(objects[0])
votes = list(self.filter(,
object_id__in=[obj._get_pk_val() \
for obj in objects],
vote_dict = dict([(vote.object_id, vote) for vote in votes])
return vote_dict
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