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| DPL Programming Language v1.1 |
| The DPL langauge was developed for a school |
| project at ThunderRidge High School. |
| |
| Development of the language after its |
| completion is reserved to Brian Rosner. |
| Author: Brian Rosner <> |
#ifndef _DPL_ARRAYS_H
#define _DPL_ARRAYS_H
extern void arrayInit(dplVal *type, dplVal *name);
extern void arrayCreate(dplVal *type, dplVal *name, dplVal *value);
extern void arrayAssign(dplVal *name, dplVal *element, dplVal *value);
extern void passArrayValue(dplVal *result, dplVal *value, int init);
extern int arrayElementExists(dplVal *array, dplVal *element);
extern void arrayElementFetch(dplVal *result, dplVal *_array, dplVal *element);
extern void arrayElementDump(dplVal *arrayName);