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| DPL Programming Language v1.1 |
| The DPL langauge was developed for a school |
| project at ThunderRidge High School. |
| |
| Development of the language after its |
| completion is reserved to Brian Rosner. |
| Author: Brian Rosner <> |
#ifndef _DPL_H
#define _DPL_H
typedef struct _dplVal dplVal;
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "dpl_api.h"
#include "hash.h"
#include "stack.h"
#define INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMS dplVal *returnValue,dplVal *args
#define INTERNAL_METHOD_PARAMS dplVal *returnValue,dplVal *args
#define SUCCESS 0
#define FAILURE -1
#undef TRUE
#undef FALSE
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
#define _global(s) s
extern char *dplSourceFileName;
extern FILE *dplSourceFileHandle;
extern int dplSourceLineNo;
extern void dplLoadModule(dplVal *);
extern void dplError(int, const char *, ...);
typedef union _dplValue {
long int ival;
double dval;
int boolval;
struct {
char *val;
int len;
} str;
struct {
char *path;
FILE *handle;
long size;
int lines;
char *data;
int print_context;
} file;
struct {
int currentElement;
int nextIndex;
HashTable *elements;
} array;
/* internal function and array specific items */
HashTable *ht;
} dplValue;
struct _dplVal {
int type;
dplValue value;
int isNull;
int isArray;
typedef struct _functionEntry {
char *functionName;
} functionEntry;
extern int execute;
extern int currentLevel;
extern HashTable variableSymbolTable;
extern HashTable functionSymbolTable;
extern Stack css;
#define YYSTYPE dplVal
#define vst variableSymbolTable
#define fst functionSymbolTable
#define STR_FREE(s) if(s && s != empty_string) { free(s); }
/* dpl error codes */
#define DPL_CORE 0x1
#define DPL_WARNINGL 0x2
#define DPL_SYNTAX 0x3
/* dpl data types */
#define IS_INT 0x1
#define IS_DOUBLE 0x2
#define IS_STRING 0x4
#define IS_BOOL 0x8
#define IS_FILE 0x9
/* combos */
/* dpl core types */
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