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ghettoq - Ghetto Queue using Redis or Django Models.
:Version: 0.1.1
ghettoq is a ghetto queue framework, used to implement Redis and Django
database support for
.. _`carrot`:
You can install ``ghettoq`` either via the Python Package Index (PyPI)
or from source.
To install using ``pip``,::
$ pip install ghettoq
To install using ``easy_install``,::
$ easy_install ghettoq
If you have downloaded a source tarball you can install it
by doing the following,::
$ python build
# python install # as root
>>> from ghettoq.simple import Connection
>>> import simplejson
>>> conn = Connection("redis", host="localhost", database="myqueue")
>>> # Publishing messages
>>> q = conn.Queue("tasks")
>>> payload = {"name": "George Constanza"}
>>> q.put(simplejson.dumps(payload))
>>> # Consuming messages
>>> message = q.get()
>>> simplejson.loads(message)
{"name": "George Constanza"}
# Empty raises ghettoq.messaging.Empty
>>> q.get()
Using Django database support
If settings is already configured you don't have to specify any
connection options.
>>> from ghettoq.simple import Connection
>>> conn = Connection("database")
>>> queue = conn.Queue(name="tasks")
>>> queue.put("To whom it may concern")
>>> queue.get()
"To whom it may concern"
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