nip is environment isolation and installation for Node.js
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nip is tool written in Python to provide environment isolation and installation for Node.js. Installation is non-existent at this point. I am mostly scratching my own itch with nip. Hopefully it is useful to others and others contribute back.

nip is influenced by pip, virtualenv and rip.


You can install nip in various ways. There is no official release yet, but you can clone the source and within the cloned directory run:

python install

You might need sudo to perform the install.

If you are familiar with pip you can run:

pip install git+git://

Environment basics

Environments are created in your NIP_ENV_DIR. By default this is ~/.nipenvs. You can override two ways:

NIP_ENV_DIR=... nip env list


nip -d ... env list

To create a new environment:

nip env create myenv

You can delete environments:

nip env delete myenv

You can list environments in the environment directory:

nip env list

To run node within an environment currently you can do it two ways:

NIP_ENV=test nip run code.js


nip -E test run code.js