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Welcome to the oebfare wiki! Feel free to add stuff.


  • Simple starter blog in Django
  • Easy to read code, easy to modify
  • Customizable design
  • Small amount of core code
  • Added functionality through plugins
  • Share code with Pinax through pluggable apps
  • Place to point people looking for a “Django blog”
  • Geek personal homepage (good for blogging about code, show off personal projects, elsewhere sites and lifestreams)

Not there yet, but we’re working on it!

Name suggestions:

  • Angry Bees (leah)
  • Regal Onyx (alex)
  • Minestrone (jezdez)
  • Mittens (leah – I own mittenblog.com)
  • Oeblog, or
  • Blog Fare (rob, plays on the original oebfare)
  • oebfare (brosner)
  • broonzy (jlilly, its similar to brosner, at least)
  • the django blog (jlilly)
  • blango (jlilly, its stupid but I wanted to write it b/c it sounds funny)
  • Gutenblog (ericflo) – obvious play on Gutenberg
  • Ligature (ericflo) – “In writing and typography, a ligature occurs where two or more graphemes are joined as a single glyph”
  • Hieroglyph (ericflo)
  • Graphia (ericflo) – “To write”, in greek
  • Manu (ericflo) – Short for manuscript, but I think it’s kind of catchy
  • Cursivus (ericflo)
  • Ampersand (ericflo)
  • Yomaan (daonb) – “Diary”, in Hebrew
  • Blogsner (dreynolds) – Blog+brosner
  • Minna (leah) – geeky party street in SF
  • Meaty Legend (ericflo) – No comment

We have elected to go with Limeberg.